Tokaikan (C ,Tōkaikan) was built in 1928 in central Ito City on the Izu Peninsula and was further expanded twice in 1938 and 1949. It is one of only few remaining hot spring ryokan built of wood during the early Showa Period. Tokaikan operated as a ryokan until 1997 before undergoing restoration works and then reopened in 2001 as a historical and cultural sightseeing spot open to the public.

The three-story building was constructed by master Japanese craftsmen with high quality wood. Visitors can view the ryokan's former guest rooms with their intricate wood carvings. A few rooms exhibit historical artifacts and explain the building's history. There is also a tea room on the first floor where visitors can enjoy tea and sweets and a unique observatory in a tower like structure accessed from the third floor. The baths of the Tokaikan are open for bathing on weekends and public holidays at an additional fee.

Getting there and around

Tokaikan is about a seven minute walk from Ito Station. Alternatively, take an Arai (V) bound bus from Ito Station and get off at Tokaikan-mae (CّO, 5 minutes, 170 yen one way, 1-2 buses/hour). Tokai Bus offers a 1-day pass for 1500 yen that includes central Ito, Izu Kogen and the Jogasaki Coast. The trip from Ito Station to Tokaikan is fully covered by this pass.

How to get to and around Ito
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Hours and Fees

Tokaikan Former Ryokan


9:00 to 21:00 (tea room hours: 10:00 to 17:00)


Third Tuesday every month (Wednesday if Tuesday is a national holiday), January 1


200 yen



Tokaikan public baths


11:00 to 19:00


Regular weekdays, January 1


500 yen