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Odaru from a distance

The Kawazu Nanadaru (͒Î) are seven waterfalls in the mountains above Kawazu Town in southeastern Izu. They range from the 30 meter tall Odaru ("large waterfall") to the 2 meter tall Kanidaru ("crab waterfall"). A pleasant walking trail leads for about one kilometer through the forest and past the waterfalls.

Several statues along the walking trail depict the heroine of the short story "Izu no Odoriko" (The Izu Dancer, 1926), one of several works by Kawabata Yasunari (1899-1972), which are set in this area of the Izu Peninsula. Kawabata won the Nobel Prize in literature in 1968. The limited express trains from Tokyo to the Izu Peninsula, which also stop at Kawazu, are named Odoriko after the short story.

At the base of the trail you can find the small hot spring resort Nanadaru Onsen and the imposing Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge, a unique, two-storied spiral bridge along National Route 414 high above the valley floor.

The Izu Dancer in front of Shokeidaru
Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge


The hourly buses between Kawazu and Shuzenji stations stop at both the upper and lower ends of the trail that leads past the waterfalls. Most people get off at Mizutare bus stop (, 35 minutes, 660 yen one way from Kawazu; 50 minutes, 1290 yen from Shuzenji) and walk the one hour trail down to the Nanadaru Visitors Center (͒Î, Kawazu Nanadaru) from where you can take a bus to Kawazu Station (30 minutes, 600 yen) or to Shuzenji Station (65 minutes, 1410 yen).

How to get to and around the Izu Peninsula

Hours & Fees

Odaru Waterfall


8:00 to 18:00 (until 17:00 from October to May)


No closing days



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Page last updated: August 31, 2017