The following is a medium paced full day walking itinerary around Okunikko in the national park above the town of Nikko. The walking part of the itinerary totals around eight kilometers and includes a long hike. Appropriate footwear is required, but the hiking trail is relatively easy, and the route can also be covered by bus.

Start at Chuzenjiko Onsen bus stop
Walk from the bus stop to Kegon Falls
5 minutes
Kegon Falls
Nikko's most famous waterfall 30 minutes
The almost 100 meter tall Kegon Waterfall is the most famous of Nikko's many beautiful waterfalls. In fact, it is even ranked as one of Japan's three most beautiful falls, along with Nachi Waterfall in Wakayama Prefecture and Fukuroda Waterfall in Ibaraki Prefecture.
Make the short walk over to the main area of Chuzenjiko Onsen
10 minutes
Chuzenjiko Onsen
Lakeside onsen area 20 minutes
A touristy hot spring resort town at the eastern shores of Lake Chuzenjiko. The small town consists of mainly of souvenir shops, hotels and ryokan. It is the departure point of sightseeing cruises of the lake.
Take a boat from Chuzenjiko Onsen to Shobugahama
20 minutes
Walk from the boat pier to Ryuzu Waterfall
10 minutes
Ryuzu Waterfall
Waterfall famous for its autumn colors 30 minutes
Literally "dragon head waterfall", named so because of its shape, Ryuzu Waterfall is flanked by many trees which turn yellow and red during the autumn leaf season which is usually at its peak here in early to mid October. There is a path at the side of the falls that visitors can stroll along to follow the falls upriver.
Hike from Ryuzu Falls to the Senjogahara Marshland
30 minutes
Senjogahara Marshland
Idyllic marshland with nice hiking trails
At an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, the Senjogahara Marshland covers the plateau between Lake Chuzenji and Yumoto Onsen and offers some of the area's best hiking, especially in autumn when the marshland's grasses turn into a reddish yellow and the larch trees into a shiny gold.
Hike through the Senjogahara Marshland and towards Yudaki Waterfall
90 minutes
Yudaki Waterfall
Popular Waterfall 10 minutes
The spectacular waterfall is called Yudaki (lit. hot water waterfall), but the water of the waterfall is not actually warm.
Walk up next to the waterfall to Lake Yunoko
10 minutes
Lake Yunoko
Picturesque lake by a hot spring town 15 minutes
Literally meaning "hot water lake", Lake Yunoko offers nice views with mountainous backdrops from various points along its shore. The scenery here comes into its own in autumn when the hills that bear down on the lake turn gold and red.
Walk on to Yumoto Onsen
30 minutes
Yumoto Onsen
High altitude hot spring town 60 minutes
Yumoto Onsen is a small hot spring on the northern shores of Lake Yunoko consisting mainly of ryokan with hot spring baths. There is a field in the back of the town where hot onsen water bubbles out of the ground.

Recommended Additions

Chuzenji Temple

Chuzenji Temple was built around a unique statue of the Kannon deity. Many centuries ago the statue was carved out of a tree trunk that still stands today with its roots in the ground. The temple also affords nice views over the lake which was named after it.