Odawara Castle (小田原城, Odawarajō) was originally built in the mid 15th century and soon fell into the hands of the Hojo Clan, one of the most powerful clans during the Warring States Era who used it as a base to control the region around modern day Tokyo. In 1590, Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacked the castle, and with the defeat of the Hojo Clan, reunited Japan.

In 1703 the castle was destroyed by an earthquake but quickly rebuilt; yet in 1870, the castle keep and other buildings were dismantled and sold. The keep was rebuilt again in ferro-concrete in 1960 based on models and drawings from the Edo Period. Over the following years, the three major gates leading up to the castle were also restored. Today it is the closest castle keep to Tokyo.

The Akagane Gate

The castle keep is three stories on the outside and four stories on the inside. The interior features exhibits on the history of the castle as well as displays of items such as armor and swords. The top floor offers nice views of the park and surrounding city.

Also located on the castle grounds is the Odawara Castle Historical Museum. It has further interactive displays on the history of the castle and Odawara to present day. Although there are some English translations, the interactive displays and movies are only in Japanese. The castle is also a famous spot for cherry blossoms (typically in bloom around late March to early April) and many other flowers, including plum blossoms, azalea, wisteria, iris, hydrangea and lotus blossoms.

The castle grounds are a popular spot for cherry blossoms in spring


Odawara Castle is located about a ten minute walk from Odawara Station's East Exit along Ohoribata Street.

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Hours and Fees

Castle Keep


9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)


Second Wednesday of December and from December 31 to January 1


510 yen

Historical Museum


9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)


December 31 to January 1


310 yen



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