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The Hakone Kamakura Pass by Odakyu Railways is a discount pass for exploring Hakone and Kamakura. It provides unlimited use of Odakyu trains, Odakyu-affiliated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways in the Hakone area and on the Enoden trains between Enoshima and Kamakura, as well as discounted admission to selected tourist attractions on three consecutive days.

Hakone Kamakura Pass
Adults (age 12 and older)
6,500 yen
Children (age 6-11)
2,250 yen

The map below shows the trains, cablecars, ropeways, boats and bus lines covered by the Hakone Kamakura Pass:


  1. Unlimited use of Odakyu trains on the entire Odakyu network, including the Odakyu Odawara Line, Odakyu Enoshima Line and Odakyu Tama Line. The supplement for Romance car trains is not covered and needs to be paid separately.
  2. Unlimited use of Enoden trains between Fujisawa and Kamakura.
  3. Unlimited use of Odakyu-affiliated transportation in Hakone:
  4. Discounted admission to selected attractions in the area covered by the pass.
  5. The pass is valid on three consecutive calendar days (midnight to midnight).

Points of Sale

The pass can only be purchased at the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center in Shinjuku Station.


The Hakone Kamakura Pass is 110 yen cheaper than a 2-day Hakone Free Pass (5,140 yen) and Enoshima-Kamakura Free Pass (1,470 yen) combined. It will generally also come cheaper than regular tickets, because transportation around Hakone, in particular, tends to be expensive.

A further advantage of the Hakone Kamakura Pass over the two before-mentioned passes is that it allows for unlimited use of the entire Odakyu railway network, while the other two passes restrict use of Odakyu trains to a round trip between Shinjuku and their respective coverage areas. This allows pass holders to explore other attractions along the Odakyu lines or to maintain a base in Tokyo and explore Hakone in multiple side trips from Tokyo.

Page last updated: November 13, 2017