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A popular and attractive way of visiting Hakone is by circling the region with five different means of transport (train, cablecar, ropeway, boat and bus), using the Hakone Free Pass.

The round course outlined below starts and ends in Hakone-Yumoto and circles the Hakone region in the counter-clockwise direction. Of course, it is also possible to follow the course in the opposite direction or to start and end somewhere different.

If you leave early in the morning, it is possible to completed the Hakone round course in a one day trip from Tokyo. However, we recommend allocating two days and one night to your visit, preferably with a stay at a ryokan with hot spring baths.

Hakone Tozan Railway

Hakone-Yumoto to Gora

35 minutes, departures every 10-20 minutes
The Hakone Tozan Railway winds itself through a narrow, densely wooded valley, gaining more than 300 meters in altitude. Several hot springs and the Hakone Open Air Museum are located along its route.
Hakone Tozan Cablecar

Gora to Sounzan

10 minutes, departures every 20 minutes
The Hakone Art Museum and Gora Park are located in Gora along the cablecar route.
Hakone Ropeway

Sounzan to Togendai

30 minutes, constant departures
Nice views of Mount Fuji and the national park can be enjoyed from the Hakone Ropeway when visibility is good. A transfer of ropeways is required at Owakudani, where travelers can observe volcanic activities.
Hakone Sightseeing Boat

Togendai to Hakone-machi

30 minutes, departures every 30-60 minutes
Nice views of Lake Ashi, the surrounding wooded mountains and Mount Fuji can be enjoyed from the pirate ship shaped boats when visibility is good. Most ships operate from Togendai to Hakone-machi and then continue to Moto-Hakone.
Hakone Tozan Bus (line H or K)

Moto-Hakone to Hakone-Yumoto

35 minutes, departures every 15-20 minutes
Visit Hakone Shrine in Moto-Hakone and then return by bus to Yumoto, possibly with a stop at Yunessun along the way (by bus line H). Alternatively, you could walk a section of the Old Tokaido and catch a bus from the Amazake Chaya or Hatajuku back to Yumoto (by bus line K).


Hotels around Hakone

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Page last updated: July 31, 2016