The Fuji Hakone Pass is a discount pass for exclusive use by non-Japanese passport holders. It provides unlimited use of designated buses, trains, boats, cablecars and ropeways in the Hakone and the Fuji Five Lake areas and discounted admission to selected tourist attractions on three consecutive days. It optionally also includes a one-way ticket for Odakyu Railway trains between Tokyo and Hakone and a one-way ticket for a highway bus between Tokyo and the Fuji Five Lakes.

Fuji Hakone Pass
From Shinjuku (including round trip)
9,780 Yen
From Odawara (without round trip)
7,180 Yen
Reduced rates (over 50% off) apply for children aged 6-11.

The map below shows the train, cablecar, ropeway, boat and major bus lines to be used for the round trip and within the free area of the Hakone Free Pass:


Round trip

  1. The round trip is to be done by Odakyu Railways between Shinjuku and Odawara and by Fujikyu/Keio highway bus between Kawaguchiko Station and Shinjuku. You have to use the train for one of the two journeys and the bus for the other.
  2. Between Shinjuku and Odawara, you may use local or express trains; however, if using a Romance Car train, a supplement fee of 1110 yen has to be paid.
  3. Between Shinjuku and Lake Kawaguchiko, free seat reservations have to be made in advance of boarding for the highway bus.
  4. It is not possible to get off at stations between your departure station and the free area.
  5. Passes purchased at Odawara Station do not cover the train trip between Tokyo and Hakone and the highway bus ride between Tokyo and the Fuji Five Lakes.

Free Area

  1. Unlimited use of the Hakone Tozan Railway (Odawara-Gora), the cablecar and ropeway from Gora to Lake Ashinoko, sightseeing ships on Lake Ashinoko and many buses in the Hakone area, including Hakone Tozan buses and the Odakyu bus between Togendai and Gotemba.
  2. Unlimited use of Fujikyu buses between Gotemba and the Fuji Five Lake region and between Gotemba, Gotemba 5th Station, Yeti and Grinpa.
  3. Unlimited use of the Fujikyuko Railway Line between Kawaguchiko Station and Shimoyoshida Station and of regular Fujikyu buses in the Fuji Five Lake region, including the Omni buses around Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Saiko (but not including the bus to the 5th Station).

Other Conditions

  1. Discounted admission to selected attractions in the Hakone and Fuji Five Lake areas.
  2. The Fuji Hakone Pass is valid on three consecutive days.
  3. The pass is only available to non-Japanese passport holders.

Points of Sale

Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center at Shinjuku Station in central Tokyo and Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center at Odawara Station.


This pass can pay off if you visit both Hakone and the Fuji Five Lakes and make use of the buses around the Fuji Five Lakes. If you do not use buses in the Fuji Five Lake region, a Hakone Free Pass combined with regular tickets will come cheaper.

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