Okinawa World (おきなわワールド) is a touristy theme park about Okinawan culture. The park's main attractions are a massive natural cave, a craft village and a snake museum.

With a total length of five kilometers, Gyokusendo Cave is the longest of the many caves in the south of Okinawa Island and the second longest cave in the entire country. 850 meters of the cave are open to the public and feature spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. The inside of the cave is well maintained and the walking paths are comfortable and well lit.

The Kingdom Village is a nice replica of a traditional Ryukyu village with workshops introducing the various traditional Okinawan crafts, such as weaving, dyeing, paper making, pottery, sugar cone processing, the making of music instruments and the more recently introduced glass blowing. Hands-on experiences are offered at many of the workshops.

The Habu Park, named after the infamous, poisonous, local Habu snake, consists of a snake museum, a small, run down zoological garden with some snakes on display and a snake show. Throughout the park, visitors have ample of opportunities to purchase local products at numerous souvenir shops. Of course, there is also a restaurant specialized in Okinawa cuisine.

Getting there and around

Okinawa World is near the southern tip of Okinawa Honto, about ten kilometers south of Naha. Take bus number 83 from Naha Bus Center all the way to its terminal stop, Gyokusendō Chūshajō (玉泉洞駐車場), which is located in front of Okinawa World (45 minutes, 590 yen, one bus every 1-2 hours). By car, it takes about 40 minutes from central Naha.

How to get to and around Okinawa Honto

Hours and Fees


9:00 to 17:30 (entry until 16:30)


No closing days


1700 yen (all attractions)
1300 yen (cave and village only)
650 yen (Habu Park only)

Typical Visit Duration

1-3 hours depending on attractions visited

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