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Hiji Waterfall

Hiji Waterfall is located in the northern Yambaru area of Okinawa Honto, where the population density is very low and the majority of land is covered by natural forests. The waterfall can be accessed in an attractive and easy hike along a nature trail through the forest. The trail was damaged by a typhoon in 2012 but reopened in April 2013.

The trailhead is about two kilometers inland from the main road along the island's western coast. At the trailhead there is a gate where an entrance fee must be paid. From there, the distance to the waterfall is about 1.5 kilometers, and the hike takes about 40 minutes one way. The trail is well maintained, and there are quite a few steep sections with stairs along the way. One of the highlights of the walk is crossing a suspension bridge that spans a valley 17 meters below.

The trail comes to an end at the Hiji Waterfall, which makes an impressive sight. Nestled in the forest, the waterfall is about 26 meters tall. The sound of the running water and the tranquil atmosphere of the forest make the waterfall a good spot for a rest before making the return trip to the trailhead.

A suspension bridge at about the midway point to the waterfall

At the trailhead there is a campground that visitors can make use of as an alternative to visiting Hiji in a day trip. The campground offers picnic tables and elevated wooden decks which tents can be set up on. The fee is 2000 yen per tent site and night.

Because of the Yambaru area's small population there has been much less human encroachment on the habitat of the area's wildlife than elsewhere on Okinawa Honto. Accordingly, a much larger diversity of wildlife can be found in the area. Travelers who keep alert of their surroundings will have the chance to see a number of animals unique to the area, such as particular species of bird, turtle, snake and lizard.

Information about the Yambaru area's wildlife and hiking trails can be found at the nearby Ufugi Nature Museum, which is located about one kilometer inland from the main road along the coastline. The museum has illustrative maps and displays about the area's wildlife and is free to enter.

A Ryukyu Robin
A Ryukyu Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle


Hiji Waterfall is located in northern Okinawa Honto, about 75 kilometers from Naha and not far from Okuma Beach.

By bus

Take highway bus number 111 from Naha to Nago Bus Terminal (名護バスターミナル; 90 minutes, 2100 yen from Naha Bus Terminal or 105 minutes, 2190 yen from Naha Airport; 1-2 buses/hour) and transfer to bus number 67. Get off at Okuma Beach Iriguchi (オクマビーチ入口, 60 minutes, 1010 yen, 1-2 buses/hour) from where the trailhead is a 20-25 minute walk inland along the road.

By car

By car, it takes about two hours to reach the small parking lot next to the trailhead from central Naha if using the expressway between Naha and Nago (about 1000 yen one way).

How to get to and around Okinawa Honto

Hours & Fees

Hiji Waterfall


9:00 to 18:00 (entry until 16:00)
From November to March, the park closes at 17:30 and entry is until 15:00


During extreme weather


500 yen

Yambaru Wildlife Conservation Center


10:00 to 16:30


Mondays, national holidays and December 29 to January 3





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Page last updated: February 14, 2015