The Goishi Coast (ΊC, Goishi Kaigan) is six kilometers of beautiful, rocky beaches and cliffs along the coast of Ofunato City in southern Iwate Prefecture. Part of the Sanriku Recovery National Park, the area is named for the smooth black stones found along the coast, which resemble the markers used to play Go, a traditional Japanese board game. The stones have been worn smooth by the constant, churning waves, and the sound of them tumbling around the beach can be heard up and down the coast.

About four kilometers of walking paths run along the cliffs, starting around the Goishi Misaki Lighthouse at the southernmost point of Goishi Coast. Along the way are multiple observation decks with views of the thundering waves crashing against the rocky coastline below. Near the lighthouse stand the Ofunato City Museum, a small natural and local history museum with exhibits on the geological formations of the cliffs as well as cultural artifacts, items and tools traditionally used by the local fishermen. English information is not available.

Another point of interest is Anatoshiiso, a unique rock formation that sits just off the coast about three kilometers north of the lighthouse. Anatoshiiso can be seen from a viewing deck found a few minutes walk from a parking lot or from sightseeing boats which offer a water level view of the giant rock and the coastline in general. Cruises last 40 minutes and depart from a dock not far from the Ofunato City Museum.

Getting there and around

A rental car is highly recommended for visiting the Goishi Coast due to the infrequent public transportation options that are available. Rental car outlets can be found around Ichinoseki Station.

By public transportation

From Ichinoseki Station (150 minutes, about 13,000 yen by JR Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo), take the JR Ofunato Line to Kesennuma and change to the JR bus to Hosoura Station. The one way trip from Ichinoseki to Hosoura takes about 2.5 hours with good connections and costs 1750 yen. The fare is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass, JR East Tohoku Area Pass and JR East South Hokkaido Pass. Trains depart every one to two hours, while the buses depart hourly.

From Hosoura Station there are infrequent buses on the Iwate Kenkotsu Goishi Line to the Goishi Coast (Goishikaigan bus stop, ΊC). The one way trip takes about 15 minutes, but there are only three departures per day. Alternatively, the coast is about a 1700 yen taxi ride from Hosoura Station.

How to get to and around the Sanriku Coast

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