The Kamaishi Daikannon (Αω) is a 48.5 meter tall, white statue depicting Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of mercy. Completed in 1970 on a peninsula south of central Kamaishi, the Daikannon holds a fish and stands facing out to sea in order to watch over Kamaishi's sailors and ensure that they have a bountiful catch.

For a small fee, visitors may enter the statue and climb up through the interior, past statues of the Seven Lucky Gods, to an observation deck formed by the fish held in the Daikannon's arms. From there you have beautiful panoramic views out over Kamaishi Bay.

The base of the statue is a temple, and around the temple are several points from where to view the statue. A separate temple building in Indian and Sri Lankan style stands nearby the statue. It enshrines the Buddha's ashes and exhibits statues of the founders of the various sects of Japanese Buddhism in its basement.

Getting there and around

The Kamaishi Daikannon is about a ten minute taxi ride from Kamaishi Station (about 1300 yen one way) or a 15-20 minute walk from the Iron and Steel Museum.

How to get to and around Kamaishi

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