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The Kintetsu Rail Pass is a rail pass for exclusive use by foreign tourists. It provides five consecutive days of unlimited use of trains (except limited express trains) on the network of Kintetsu Railways, Japan's largest non-JR railway network. The "Plus" version of the pass additionally covers designated buses around Nara Prefecture and the Shima Peninsula.

Additionally, a 1-day and 2-day pass are available for smaller areas around Osaka, Nara and Kyoto and are mainly of interest to tourists visiting Nara in a day trip from Osaka or Kyoto.

Kintetsu Rail Pass (as of October 2016)
Purchased outside Japan
Purchased inside Japan
Kintetsu Rail Pass
3,600 yen
3,800 yen
Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus
4,800 yen
5,000 yen
2-Day Pass
2,500 yen
1-Day Pass
1,500 yen
Reduced rates apply to children aged 6-11 (50% off) for the Kintetsu Rail Pass.

The maps below show the coverage areas for each pass type:


  1. Unlimited use of local (futsu), rapid (kaisoku) and express (kyuko) trains, as well as cablecars as shown on the maps above.
  2. The pass is not valid on limited express (tokkyu) trains. Pass holders using limited express trains will have to pay the limited express fee separately.
  3. Some of the passes are also valid on designated Nara Kotsu buses in the Nara and Asuka areas and on designated Mie Kotsu and Toba City buses on the Shima Peninsula.
  4. The pass provides discounts for selected tourist attractions.
  5. The passes are valid based on calendar days (midnight to midnight) as opposed to 24-hour periods. The 2-day and 5-day passes are valid on consecutive calendar days.
  6. Only foreigners, who stay in Japan as temporary visitors (and Japanese nationals with permanent residence outside of Japan), are eligible to use the passes.

Points of Sale

Inside Japan, the Kintetsu Rail Pass can be purchased at Osaka's Kansai Airport (Kansai Tourist Information Center), Nagoya's Central Japan Airport (Central Japan Travel Center), Osaka-Namba Station, Osaka-Uehommachi Station, Osaka-Abenobashi Station, Kyoto Station, Kintetsu-Nara Station, Kintetsu-Nagoya Station and some other sale locations. Note that not all pass types are available at all sale locations.

Outside of Japan, the Kintetsu Rail Pass can be purchased through Kintetsu International or affiliated travel agencies. When purchasing the pass, you will receive an exchange order, which has to be exchanged into an actual rail pass after your arrival in Japan.


With its renewal in October 2016, the Kintetsu Rail Pass lost a lot of its value because it now does not cover any limited express train rides anymore.

The pass can still pay off for those making long-distance journeys across the Kintetsu railway network, for example a round trip between Osaka or Kyoto and the Shima Peninsula or Nagoya, but note that pass holders will have to pay additionally the limited express fees when using the fast and comfortable, direct limited express trains along these routes.

As for the 1-Day Pass, it can pay off if the pass holder makes good use of the buses which are included in the coverage area. The 2-Day Pass typically can pay off for two day trips from Osaka or Kyoto to Nara - and preferably to more distant destination such as Muroji Temple and Yoshino.

Read our page about passes for the Kansai Region for more information.

Page last updated: September 17, 2016