The Kyushu Rail Pass by JR Kyushu is a rail pass for exclusive use by foreign visitors to Japan, providing unlimited travel on JR trains on the island of Kyushu (except the Sanyo Shinkansen) for two, three, five or seven consecutive days.

Purchase the Kyushu Rail Pass

Kyushu Rail Pass
All Kyushu
3 days
20,000 yen
5 days
22,500 yen
7 days
25,000 yen
Northern Kyushu
3 days
12,000 yen
5 days
15,000 yen
Southern Kyushu
3 days
10,000 yen
Fukuoka Wide
2 days
3,060 yen
Reduced rates (50% off) apply to children aged 6-11.

Below are maps of the train lines, which can be used with the JR Kyushu Rail Pass:


  1. Unlimited use of JR Kyushu trains on Kyushu, including all trains along the Kyushu Shinkansen (Fukuoka-Kagoshima), Nishikyushu Shinkansen and limited express trains, but excluding the Sanyo Shinkansen (Fukuoka-Osaka, operated by JR West). The Northern Kyushu version of the pass is not valid south of Oita and Misumi, while the Southern Kyushu version is not valid north of Kumamoto and Oita. The Fukuoka Wide pass is only valid on lines around Fukuoka and does not cover any shinkansen trains.
  2. Seat reservations can be made for free. There is an upper limit of six free seat reservations for the Northern and Southern Kyushu passes, but there is no limit for the All Kyushu Pass. An online reservation system is available. No reservations can be made with the Fukuoka Wide pass which is valid only on unreserved seats.
  3. The validity of the pass is based on calendar days (midnight to midnight) as opposed to 24-hour periods.
  4. The pass is valid on consecutive days.
  5. Only foreign temporary visitors to Japan can use the Kyushu Rail Pass. It cannot be used by residents of Japan.

Points of sale

The Kyushu Rail Pass can be purchased through various websites on the internet, through travel agencies outside of Japan and at a few major JR railway stations and travel agencies in Kyushu (note that the northern and southern versions and the Fukuoka Wide Pass are only sold in their respective coverage areas). If purchasing the pass outside of Japan or via the internet, the actual pass has to be picked up at a major station in the area covered before use.

Purchase the Kyushu Rail Pass


This pass can be of good value, considering the fact that a roundtrip from Fukuoka to Kagoshima by regular tickets alone costs around 20,000 yen, which is the same as the cost of a 3-day pass.

Alternative tickets

The Sun Q Pass is a similar offer to the Kyushu Rail Pass except that it is valid on local buses and highway buses instead of trains. Depending on the itinerary, either pass could be more suitable. Unlike the Kyushu Rail Pass, the Sun Q Pass is also available to residents of Japan.