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This page lists some example timetables to give you an idea of how far you can get in one day from Tokyo, traveling westwards on the Tokaido/Sanyo Line with a Seishun 18 Kippu. Please note that there are hundreds of other possible itineraries, as local service is very frequent on the Tokaido/Sanyo Line.

The timetables show only the stations where a transfer is necessary and some of the major stations along the way. Note that they apply to weekdays, and that some departure times are slightly different on weekends and holidays. The data is subject to change. Double-check before starting your trip!

Example 1: Taking the "Moonlight Nagara" night train

By using the "Moonlight Nagara", one of the night trains classified as rapid train (kaisoku), you can travel as far as Fukuoka on Kyushu within one day. Note that the train leaves Tokyo before midnight, which means that you have to pay the fare up to the first station reached after midnight, which happens to be Odawara (1450 Yen).

A seat reservation is mandatory on board of the Moonlight Nagara. Since the Moonlight Nagara is extremely popular, you will have to make seat reservations as early as possible. Seat reservations can be made starting one month ahead of departure date at 10am.

As of July 2007

Tokyo 23:10              
Yokohama 23:36              
Nagoya 06:07              
Ogaki 06:55 07:00            
Maibara   07:34 07:48          
Kyoto     08:44          
Osaka     09:15          
Sannomiya (Kobe)     09:37          
Himeji     10:16 11:06        
Aioi       11:25 11:26      
Okayama         12:30 12:43    
Kurashiki           12:59    
Hiroshima           15:30    
Shin-Yamaguchi           18:12    
Shimonoseki           19:18 19:43  
Kokura (Kitakyushu)             19:56 20:16
Hakata (Fukuoka)               21:26

On selected days during the Seishun 18 Kippu season, a second "Moonlight Nagara", named "Moonlight Nagara #91" operates between Tokyo and Ogaki. It departs Tokyo after the regular "Moonlight Nagara", but arrives in Ogaki an hour earlier due to fewer stops along the way.

As of July 2007

Tokyo 23:26                  
Yokohama 23:57                  
Nagoya 05:22                  
Ogaki 05:55 06:00                
Kyoto   07:55                
Osaka   08:35 08:37              
Sannomiya (Kobe)     08:59              
Himeji     09:41 10:06            
Aioi       10:27 10:29          
Okayama         11:33          
Kurashiki         11:50          
Mihara         13:02 13:20        
Hiroshima           14:35        
Iwakuni           15:21 15:38      
Shin-Yamaguchi             17:32 17:33    
Shimonoseki               18:39 18:57  
Kokura                 19:11 19:16
Hakata (Fukuoka)                   20:25

Example 2: Taking the first train in the morning

The timetable below is for people who prefer an early start in the morning over a night train experience. If you catch the first train on the Tokaido Line, leaving Tokyo Station at 5:20 am, you can get as far as Kokura (Kitakyushu) on the island of Kyushu within one day.

As of July 2007

Tokyo 05:20                  
Shizuoka 08:26 08:29                
Hamamatsu   09:40 09:49              
Nagoya     11:15              
Ogaki     11:44 12:04            
Maibara       12:40 12:53          
Kyoto         13:45          
Osaka         14:15          
Sannomiya (Kobe)         14:37          
Himeji         15:16 15:35        
Aioi           15:55 15:56      
Okayama             17:00 17:12    
Kurashiki               17:28    
Hiroshima               19:55 20:02  
Shin-Yamaguchi                 22:37  
Shimonoseki                 23:44 23:49
Kokura                   00:03

Example 3: Taking a train around 8 am

The timetable below is for people who can't make it to Tokyo Station by 5:20 am. If you leave Tokyo at 8:10, you can get as far as Hiroshima within one day.

As of July 2007

Tokyo 08:10                
Atami 09:51 09:58              
Shizuoka   11:14 11:26            
Hamamatsu     12:42 12:48          
Toyohashi       13:21 13:25        
Nagoya         14:15        
Ogaki         14:44 15:04      
Maibara           15:40 15:51    
Kyoto             16:44    
Osaka             17:15    
Sannomiya (Kobe)             17:37    
Himeji             18:17 19:07  
Okayama               20:33  
Kurashiki               20:49  
Itozaki               21:56 21:57
Hiroshima                 23:17

Example 4: How to get to Shikoku

Okayama on the Sanyo Line is the transfer point for trains to Shikoku. On Shikoku, Takamatsu is most easily accessible, as there are rapid trains (kaisoku) from Okayama twice an hour, taking less than 60 minutes to reach Takamatsu.

If you follow example 1 to Okayama:

Tokyo 23:10  
Okayama 12:30 12:44
Takamatsu   13:38

If you follow example 2 to Okayama:

Tokyo 05:20  
Okayama 17:00 17:13
Takamatsu   18:08

If you follow example 3 to Okayama:

Tokyo 08:10  
Okayama 20:31 20:44
Takamatsu   21:40
Page last updated: July 3, 2007