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Akasaka Sacas (赤坂サカス) became Tokyo's newest city within a city in March 2008. After the success of Fuji Television at Odaiba, Nippon Television at Shiodome, and TV Asahi at Roppongi Hills, TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) decided to also try their hand at integrating their headquarters into the "city within a city" format.

Sacas is made up of five main buildings; the TBS headquarters, a high rise residence, a couple of performance buildings and a 39-story office building called Biz Tower. The Blitz theater caters to a young audience, presenting shows from local and international rock and pop groups. The ACT Theater on the other hand presents Broadway-type spectacles, often of international renown.

Most of Sacas' shopping and dining facilities are located in the first few floors of the Biz Tower. There are fewer options available when compared to the other cities within a city, but nonetheless, be it Thai, French, or Japanese, there is still a considerable variety of quality international food to be found. For fans of Japanese television, interesting souvenirs are sold at the TBS shop.


Akasaka Sacas is directly connected to Akasaka Station along the Chiyoda Subway Line.

From Tokyo Station

Take the Marunouchi Subway Line to Kokkaigijido-mae Station (7 minutes) and transfer to the Chiyoda Subway Line for Akasaka (2 minutes). The one way fare is 170 yen.

From Shinjuku Station

Take the Marunouchi Subway Line to Kokkaigijido-mae Station (12 minutes) and transfer to the Chiyoda Subway Line for Akasaka (2 minutes). The one way fare is 170 yen.

Hours & Fees


Restaurants typically open from 11:00 to 23:30; shops typically from 11:00 to 21:00

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Tours and Experiences

Page last updated: October 18, 2016