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The NEX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket is a discounted ticket for foreign travelers arriving at Tokyo's Narita Airport. It provides a round trip by the Narita Express train (NEX) from the airport to Tokyo, Yokohama or Saitama and back to the airport within a 2-week period at a discount of 33-55 percent.

Note that the "NEX Tokyo Direct Ticket" for a one-way trip into Tokyo was discontinued in 2015.

NEX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket
Ordinary Car
4,000 yen
Reduced rates apply to children aged 6-11 (50% off).


  1. Outward journey: The ticket can be used on the JR Narita Express train (NEX) from Narita Airport to Tokyo, Yokohama or Saitama. After getting off the Narita Express, ticket holders can use the ticket to transfer to other JR trains (except limited express and shinkansen trains) to reach any JR station in the area shown on the map below:
  2. Return journey: The ticket can be used on the JR Narita Express train (NEX) to return to Narita Airport within 14 calendar days of the outward journey. Before getting on the Narita Express, ticket holders can use the ticket to ride other JR trains in the area shown on the map above (except limited express and shinkansen trains) to reach the transfer station to the Narita Express.


The ticket can only be purchased by holders of a foreign passport, which has to be presented at the time of purchase. It can also be used by foreign residents of Japan.

Point of Sale

The ticket can only be purchased at the JR ticket offices in the basement of Narita Airport.


The NEX Tokyo Round Trip Ticket provides a discount of over 30% over regular tickets, which makes it a good deal, but it is considerable more expensive than the cheapest airport access options for central Tokyo. Nevertheless, the ticket is a good deal for those who prefer taking the comfortable Narita Airport trains, and especially for those heading to the more outlying areas of the ticket's coverage area, such as Yokohama, Saitama and western Tokyo. Unfortunately, the ticket is of no use to travelers visiting Japan for more than two weeks or departing Japan through an airport other than Narita Airport.

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Page last updated: March 14, 2015