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A variety of tickets are available to visit the theme parks at Tokyo Disney Resort.

When to go

Tokyo Disney Resort is enjoyable around the year, especially during the spring and autumn when the temperatures are most pleasant. Winter generally (but not always) comes with somewhat smaller crowds, while summer brings rather high temperatures and humidity. As a rule of thumb, the parks usually get particularly busy during the following periods:

  • Weekends (especially long weekends)
  • National holidays
  • School holidays:
    • Spring holidays (mid March to early April)
    • Summer holidays (late July through August)
    • Winter holidays (late December to early January)

High Attendance Days

If a park sees exceptionally high attendance on a particular day, entry will be limited to visitors with fixed date tickets (as opposed to open date tickets and same day tickets). In order to avoid being denied entry on a high attendance day, you should purchase fixed date tickets in advance. Only staying guests of Disney Hotels and Official Hotels can purchase same day tickets at their hotel or at the welcome center, which will guaranteed entry to the parks even on days of high attendance.

Ticket Types

Tickets can be purchased either in advance or on the day of the visit. Advance tickets are available as either fixed date (date of visit is printed on the ticket, may be purchased up to two months in advance) or open date (no specified date of use, valid one year from purchase):

  • 1-Day Passport
    Adult (18 and over): 7,500 yen - Junior (ages 12-17): 6,500 yen - Child (ages 4-11): 4,900 yen
    Good for entry to either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea on one calendar day.
  • 2-Day Passport
    Adult (18 and over): 13,400 yen - Junior (ages 12-17): 11,800 yen - Child (ages 4-11): 8,800 yen
    Good for entry to one park per day on two consecutive calendar days. The 2-Day Passport is not available as an open date ticket.
  • 3-Day Passport
    Adult (18 and over): 18,100 yen - Junior (ages 12-17): 15,800 yen - Child (ages 4-11): 11,800 yen
    Good for entry to one park per day on the first two days and entry to both parks on the third day. The 3-Day Passport is not available as an open date ticket and must be used on three consecutive calendar days.
  • 4-Day Passport
    Adult (18 and over): 22,800 yen - Junior (ages 12-17): 19,800 yen - Child (ages 4-11): 14,800 yen
    Good for entry to one park per day on the first two days and entry to both parks on the third and forth day. The 4-Day Passport is not available as an open date ticket and must be used on four consecutive calendar days.
  • After 6 Passport
    All ages: 4,300 yen
    Good for entry to either park after 18:00 on regular weekdays. The After 6 Passport is not available as an open date ticket and on days when the park closes before 22:00.
  • Starlight Passport
    Adult (18 and over): 5,500 yen - Junior (ages 12-17): 4,800 yen - Child (ages 4-11): 3,600 yen
    Good for entry to either park after 15:00 on weekends and national holidays. The Starlight Passport is not available on days when the park closes before 22:00.

How to purchase tickets

Tickets may be purchased on the day of the visit at the ticket booths in front of both parks from up to one hour before the opening time and until one hour before closing time. Staying guests of the Disney Hotels and Official Hotels may also purchase tickets at their hotels or at the welcome center in front of JR Maihama Station, while staying guests of the Partner Hotels can purchase tickets at their hotels.

Tickets may also be purchased in advance at designated ticket booths at the resort, through the resort's official website and at Disney Stores. Furthermore, tickets can be purchased at Japanese travel agencies, JR ticket counters and convenience stores, however, if purchasing from these vendors, you will be given a voucher that must be exchanged at a park ticket booth for the actual ticket.


The fastpass system helps to reduce the time spent waiting in line for rides. A fastpass allows its holder to skip the line for a specific ride during an assigned one-hour time slot by using a priority lane. Any visitor can get a fastpass for free by inserting one's park passport into a fastpass machine in front of the desired attraction. The fastpass will display the time slot during which it can be used. No further fastpass can be obtained until the beginning of that time slot. Below are some fastpass strategies:

  • Get your first fastpass early
  • Go for popular rides first (fastpasses for popular rides get booked out quickly on busy days)
  • Get your next fastpass as soon as it becomes possible
Sign indicating the time slot for which fastpasses are currently being printed (left) and a fastpass (right)


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