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My name is Mathew Fedley and I am an international educator who has lived in Taiwan, Japan and Kazakhstan but currently resides in Suzhou, China. Some of my passions include my main profession (teaching) along with travel, geology and photography. Over 14 nights in February 2018, I will be exploring some of the newest parts of the Japanese archipelago in Amami Oshima, Okinawa main Island and the Yaeyama Islands. As I have on many of my previous trips to Japan, I will be posting some user reports which hopefully will encourage people to 'get off the beaten track' and see all that Japan has to offer.

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mfedley (contact this user)
Jiangsu, China
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22 May 2012
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Science, Teacher
History, Movies, Nature, Onsen, Photographs, Travel, Walking, Science

travel reports

2017/06/25 - Rishiri Island - Hokkaido

After spending a few days sweltering in the Kansai Region, I was a little shocked to get off the plane at Rishiri Island to find that the temperature at 2PM in Summer was a chilly 11 C... read all

2017/01/30 - Hells of Beppu

As Beppu Town is not as picturesque as many other onsen towns due to sheer over development, I decided to focus on the main reason why the onsen water is in this town... read all

2016/07/21 - Karatsu City - Saga

For my first day in Saga, I decided to visit the quiet seaside castle town of Karatsu which is also known for it's pottery. The town can be reached from Hakata (Fukuoka)... read all

2016/07/20 - Kokura - Fukuoka

After visiting some of the sites located around Fukuoka city - I decided to jump on the Shinkansen for 16 minutes in Hakata and travel to Kokura... read all

2016/02/19 - Marugame & Kotohira - Kagawa Prefecture

For my last full day in Shikoku, I decided to drive from Matsuyama to Marugame and Kotohira in Kagawa Prefecture. After around 125 km's and 25 tunnels, I finally made my way back to almost where I started - that being 30 km's from Takamatsu read all

2016/02/16 - Seiyo

After visiting Uwajima earlier in the day than expected, I noticed that I was around 20 minutes from a little town called Seiyo... read all

2016/02/15 - Kochi to Otsuki

For today, I was driving more than half the length of Kochi prefecture from Kochi to Otuski which is much slower and further than it looks... read all

2016/02/12 - Naruto to Toya

For today, I started the day in Naruto which is known mainly for it's whirlpools caused by deep water and high water inflow through the Seto sea... read all

2015/06/28 - Kurobe Dam Railway - Toyama

For today, I left the sleepy town of Iiyama for the Kurobe Dam Railway in Toyama. The one stark difference I have noticed is that there are now lots of tourists -albeit of the Japanese variety... read all

2014/06/07 - Ajiro Onsen

Ajiro Onsen is located around 80-90 minutes from Tokyo via the Odoriko Express train. This small town is located quite close to Atami on the Izu Peninsula... read all

2014/05/17 - Gifu City

Gifu city is located a little over 2 hours from Tokyo via Shinkansen and JR train from Nagoya. Itfs mainly known for itfs Cormorant fishing... read all

2013/12/31 - Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi is a little over 4 hours via Shinkansen to Shin-Yamaguchi station, where it is another 23 minutes to Yamaguchi town by local train... read all

2013/12/28 - Hiroshima

Hiroshima is roughly 4 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo and is mainly known as the detonation site for the first nuclear explosion on a residential area on earth... read all

2013/12/26 - Kurashiki

Kurashiki is located a little under 20 minutes from Okayama via local train. Once you come out of the train station, it feels very similar to many towns... read all

2013/12/22 - Okayama

Okayama is 90KM's, 21 tunnels or 20 minutes from Himeji via the Nozomi (Express) Shinkansen. The town itself is mainly known Korakuen Gardens... read all

2013/12/08 - Ito - Through The Seasons

Ito is around 2 hours from Tokyo via Odoriko Express train and can be described as being a world away from central Tokyo. As I can easily reach here within 90 minutes from Yokohama, I've visited this small but amazing town almost countless read all

2013/11/17 - Showa Kinen Koen

Showa Memorial Park is located a little over 30 minutes by train from Shinjuku station. As the park is so large - there are a number of stations to choose from... read all

2013/11/09 - Shosenkyo Gorge - Autumn Report

Shosenkyo Gorge is located around 30-50 minutes by bus from Kofu City (570-870 Yen) and is often labelled as the most beautiful gorge in Japan. After viewing this gorge close to the peak of Autumn leaf season, I now see why... read all

2013/10/24 - Oirase Stream - Autumn Report

Oirase Stream is located in Aomori prefecture and is known as one of the most famous Koyo or Autumn color locations in all of Japan. Altogether, you can walk 13.5 KM along the stream from Nenokuchi to Yakeyama... read all

2013/10/21 - Tono - Shrine Cluster

Tono is one beautiful town - specifically the countryside. As such - I've broken today into two posts. One of country Tono (next post) and the Shrine Cluster shown below... read all

2013/10/20 - Central Tono - Iwate

Tono is found in Iwate prefecture and is known as the folklore capital of Japan. To reach Tono, you need to catch a Shinkansen to Shin-Hanamaki from Tokyo (3 hours). Then - you need to catch another trail to Tono... read all

2013/09/14 - Atami - Shizuoka Prefecture

Atami is around 50 minutes from Tokyo via Shinkansen or 2 hours via the Toyoko Line. Apart from being the gateway for the Izu Peninsula, Atami is also known as a heavily developed Onsen resort... read all

2013/08/08 - Lake Toya - Hokkaido

Lake Toya is what I would call a normal Ryokan town experience in Hokkaido. Most people stay at a hotel or Ryokan which includes an onsen, kaiseki dinner and there is a nice view... read all

2013/08/04 - Akita Kanto Matsuri

Tohoku is famous for three festivals or Matsuri's. Today, I visted the Akita Kanto Matsuri which is located a little over 4 hours from Tokyo via Shinkansen... read all

2013/07/10 - Kyoto - Mt Hieizan

Mt Hieizan (aka - Enryakuji Temple) is found in the Northern foothills of Kyoto. You can reach here via bus from Kyoto station - or the easiest way is to catch the the Karasuma Subway line... read all

2013/07/09 - Kyoto - Ohara

Ohara can be found in the Northern mountains and can reaches by either bus directly from Kyoto Station (1 hour) or train to Kokusaikaikan Station and bus to Ohara... read all

2013/07/07 - Kyoto - Koryuji Area

Today, I visited 4 times in the Koryuji area of Kyoto. All of these temples can be described as being a little bit off the beaten track (Koryuji Temple, Hongkongo-ji Temple, Myoshin-ji Temple & Ninnai-ji Temple) along with not always being read all

2013/07/06 - Uji - Summer

Uji is located between Nara and Kyoto and can be reaching via train on the Nara line in between 15-25 minutes. The town itself has quite a few noticeable temples and shrines (including two which are world heritage listed) along with other a read all

2013/07/05 - Hikone

There are four castles in Japan which are considered national treasures - which are found in Matsumoto, Inuyama, Himeji and Hikone... read all

2013/05/13 - Geibi-kei Gorge & Ichinoseki

Geibi-kei gorge is 35 minutes from Ichinoseki via train. There are some attractions in the area, but it is mainly known for it's 90 minute boat rides which involves floating down a river whilst a man or women steers the boat with a stick... read all

2013/05/11 - A Rainy Hiraizumi

Hiraizumi is a small town in Tohuku that has some big attractions. It takes roughly 140 minutes to reach Ichinoseki, then another 10 minutes on another line to get to Hiraizumi... read all

2013/05/07 - Matsusaka Walk

Like many places in Japan, Matsusaka used to be a castle town. Today, it is mainly known for it's high quality beef and as a transport hub for Mie Prefecture... read all

2013/04/13 - Inuyama Town & Castle

Inuyama is around 40 minutes by local train from Nagoya on the Mitetsu line. It is also home to one of four Japanese castles which has been registered as a treasure of Japan... read all
japan travel profile
how often
more than five times
how long
more than two months
travel budget
medium (10,000 - 20,000 yen per day and person)
travel pace
travel style
individual travel
travel interests
Castles, Gardens, Historic Towns, Hot Springs
accommodation used
Business Hotel
Temple Lodging
Serviced Apartment
transportation used
City Bus
Highway Bus
Domestic Flight
tickets used
Japan Rail Pass
JR Kanto Pass
Hokkaido Rail Pass
Seishun 18 Kippu
destinations visited
Izu Peninsula
Kiso Valley
Noto Peninsula
Huis Ten Bosch
Ise Shima
Kunisaki Peninsula
Kusatsu Onsen
Onuma Park
Shimabara Peninsula
Shimokita Peninsula
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Ureshino Onsen
Yutoku Inari
Dewa Sanzan
Fuji Five Lakes
Kaga Onsen
Kurobe Gorge
Manza Onsen
Takeo Onsen
Boso Peninsula
Rishiri and Rebun
sightseeing spots visited
Tanzan Shrine (Asuka)
Urabandai (Bandai)
Tokoji Temple (Hagi)
Geibikei Gorge (Hiraizumi)
Takkoku no Iwaya (Hiraizumi)
Meiji Mura (Inuyama)
Ito (Izu Peninsula)
Jogasaki Coast (Izu Peninsula)
Kobe Beef (Kobe)
Shinnyodo Temple (Kyoto)
Matsuyama Castle (Matsuyama)
Glover Garden (Nagasaki)
Horyuji Temple (Nara)
Kanmangafuchi Abyss (Nikko)
Rebun Island (Rishiri and Rebun)
Farmhouse Stay (Shirakawago)
Takachiho Gorge (Takachiho)
Matsuyama Castle (Takahashi)
Lake Towada (Towada)
Mampukuji Temple (Uji)
Stone Buddhas (Usuki)
Monkey Park (Yamanouchi)
Sankeien Garden (Yokohama)
Aizu Bukeyashiki (Aizu)
Ouchijuku (Aizu)
Tsuruga Castle (Aizu)
Kanto Festival (Akita)
Nebuta Matsuri (Aomori)
Asahiyama Zoo (Asahikawa)
Hasedera Temple (Asuka)
Kashihara Shrine (Asuka)
Muroji Temple (Asuka)
Beppu Hot Springs (Beppu)
Jigoku (Hells) (Beppu)
Mount Nokogiriyama (Boso Peninsula)
Asahidake Onsen (Daisetsuzan)
Sounkyo Onsen (Daisetsuzan)
Tenmangu Shrine (Dazaifu)
Haguro-san (Dewa Sanzan)
Yudono-san (Dewa Sanzan)
Hoto Noodles (Fuji Five Lakes)
Kubota Museum (Fuji Five Lakes)
Sengen Shrine (Fuji Five Lakes)
Eiheiji Temple (Fukui)
Biei (Furano)
Furano Flower Fields (Furano)
Canal Area (Furukawa)
Takumikan Museum (Furukawa)
Aiba Waterway (Hagi)
Daishoin Temple (Hagi)
Former Castle Town (Hagi)
Hagi Castle (Hagi)
Fort Goryokaku (Hakodate)
Motomachi (Hakodate)
Hakone Hot Springs (Hakone)
Lake Ashinoko (Hakone)
Odawara Castle (Hakone)
Genkyuen Garden (Hikone)
Hikone Castle (Hikone)
Himeji Castle (Himeji)
Kokoen Garden (Himeji)
Mount Shosha (Himeji)
Hirado Castle (Hirado)
Matsura Museum (Hirado)
Chusonji Temple (Hiraizumi)
Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki)
Peace Park (Hiroshima)
Shukkeien Garden (Hiroshima)
Inuyama Castle (Inuyama)
Urakuen Garden (Inuyama)
Inner Shrine (Ise Shima)
Outer Shrine (Ise Shima)
Izumo Taisha (Izumo)
Atami (Izu Peninsula)
Irozaki Coast (Izu Peninsula)
Kawazu Cherry Festival (Izu Peninsula)
Kiunkaku (Izu Peninsula)
MOA Museum of Art (Izu Peninsula)
Mount Omuro (Izu Peninsula)
Shimoda (Izu Peninsula)
Shimoda Park (Izu Peninsula)
Shuzenji (Izu Peninsula)
Natadera Temple (Kaga Onsen)
Engakuji Temple (Kamakura)
Hasedera Temple (Kamakura)
Hiking Trails (Kamakura)
Kenchoji Temple (Kamakura)
Kitain Temple (Kawagoe)
Hot Springs (Kinosaki)
Magome (Kiso Valley)
Nakasendo Hiking (Kiso Valley)
Tsumago (Kiso Valley)
Moji Port (Kitakyushu)
Katsuo no tataki (Kochi)
Kochi Castle (Kochi)
Mount Godaisan (Kochi)
Kompirasan (Kotohira)
Garan (Koyasan)
Okunoin Temple (Koyasan)
Temple Lodging (Koyasan)
Katsuura (Kumano)
Kumano Kodo (Kumano)
Nachi Taisha (Kumano)
Kitsuki (Kunisaki Peninsula)
Usa Shrine (Kunisaki Peninsula)
Canal Area (Kurashiki)
Arashiyama (Kyoto)
Daigoji Temple (Kyoto)
Daikakuji Temple (Kyoto)
Eikando Temple (Kyoto)
Gion (Kyoto)
Hieizan (Kyoto)
Higashiyama (Kyoto)
Kinkakuji (Kyoto)
Kodaiji Temple (Kyoto)
Kyoto Imperial Palace (Kyoto)
Myoshinji Temple (Kyoto)
Nanzenji Temple (Kyoto)
Nijo Castle (Kyoto)
Ninnaji Temple (Kyoto)
Ohara (Kyoto)
Sanjusangendo (Kyoto)
Sanzenin Temple (Kyoto)
Tenryuji Temple (Kyoto)
Tofukuji Temple (Kyoto)
Mimoca (Marugame)
Matsue Castle (Matsue)
Entsuin Temple (Matsushima)
Dogo Onsen Honkan (Matsuyama)
Ishiteji Temple (Matsuyama)
Daisho-in Temple (Miyajima)
Itsukushima Shrine (Miyajima)
Mount Misen (Miyajima)
Aoshima Island (Miyazaki)
Prefectural Museum (Miyazaki)
Science Museum (Miyazaki)
Ninpo Museum (Nagano)
Togakushi Shrine (Nagano)
Zenkoji Temple (Nagano)
Dejima (Nagasaki)
Gunkanjima (Nagasaki)
Mount Inasa (Nagasaki)
Nagasaki Peace Park (Nagasaki)
Sofukuji Temple (Nagasaki)
Art House Project (Naoshima)
Benesse House (Naoshima)
Kasuga Taisha (Nara)
Todaiji Temple (Nara)
Toshodaiji Temple (Nara)
Sawara Town (Narita)
Whirlpools (Naruto)
Lake Chuzenji (Nikko)
Senjogahara Marsh (Nikko)
Taiyuinbyo (Nikko)
Toshogu Shrine (Nikko)
Hot Springs (Noboribetsu)
Jigokudani (Noboribetsu)
Keta Taisha Shrine (Noto Peninsula)
Kita Residence (Noto Peninsula)
Kongo Coast (Noto Peninsula)
Myojoji Temple (Noto Peninsula)
Nozawa Hot Springs (Nozawa)
Old Town (Obuse)
Kibi Plain (Okayama)
Korakuen Garden (Okayama)
Okayama Castle (Okayama)
Garyu Sanso (Ozu)
Rishiri Island (Rishiri and Rebun)
Kamo Aquarium (Sakata)
Moerenuma Park (Sapporo)
Sapporo Beer Museum (Sapporo)
Rinnoji Temple (Sendai)
Zuihoden Mausoleum (Sendai)
Shimabara Castle (Shimabara Peninsula)
Unzen Onsen (Shimabara Peninsula)
Osorezan (Shimokita Peninsula)
Ogimachi Village (Shirakawago)
Kunozan Toshogu (Shizuoka)
Sumpu Castle (Shizuoka)
Amano Iwato Shrine (Takachiho)
Raikyuji Temple (Takahashi)
Sanuki Udon (Takamatsu)
Shikoku Mura (Takamatsu)
Hida Folk Village (Takayama)
Higashiyama Walk (Takayama)
Old Town (Takayama)
Takayama Jinya (Takayama)
Hama Rikyu (Tokyo)
Kyu Shiba Rikyu (Tokyo)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo)
Shinjuku Gyoen (Tokyo)
Showa Memorial Park (Tokyo)
Uchiko History Museum (Uchiko)
Uchiko-za Theater (Uchiko)
Yokaichi Old Town (Uchiko)
Byodoin Temple (Uji)
Mimurotoji Temple (Uji)
Samurai District (Usuki)
Tenshaen Garden (Uwajima)
Joeiji Temple (Yamaguchi)
Mount Yoshinoyama (Yoshino)
Sakuramotobo Temple (Yoshino)
Zao Ski Resort (Zao)
Fukushima Museum (Aizu)
Oyakuen Garden (Aizu)
Suehiro Sake Brewery (Aizu)
Asukadera Temple (Asuka)
Imaicho Town (Asuka)
Omiwa Shrine (Asuka)
Yamanobe-no-michi Trail (Asuka)
Oita Art Museum (Beppu)
Kanzeonji Temple (Dazaifu)
Churenji, Dainichibo (Dewa Sanzan)
Iyashi no Sato (Fuji Five Lakes)
Lake Kawaguchiko (Fuji Five Lakes)
Mt. Tenjo Ropeway (Fuji Five Lakes)
Dinosaur Museum (Fukui)
Blue Pond (Furano)
Shoin Shrine (Hagi)
Morning Market (Hakodate)
Detached Palace (Hakone)
Gora Park (Hakone)
Hakone Checkpoint (Hakone)
Hakone Shrine (Hakone)
Hakone Tozan Railway (Hakone)
Owakudani (Hakone)
Castle Road (Hikone)
Christian Sites (Hirado)
Dutch Trading Post (Hirado)
Motsuji Temple (Hiraizumi)
Takadachi Gikeido (Hiraizumi)
Fujita Garden (Hirosaki)
Neputa Mura (Hirosaki)
Hiroshima Castle (Hiroshima)
Hiroshima Downtown (Hiroshima)
Oharaimachi (Ise Shima)
Kawazu Nanadaru (Izu Peninsula)
Shirahama Beach (Izu Peninsula)
Hachimangu Shrine (Kamakura)
Hokokuji Temple (Kamakura)
Jochiji Temple (Kamakura)
Jufukuji Temple (Kamakura)
Meigetsuin Temple (Kamakura)
Myohonji Temple (Kamakura)
Tokeiji Temple (Kamakura)
Zeniarai Benten (Kamakura)
Zuisenji Temple (Kamakura)
21st Century Museum (Kanazawa)
Higashi Chaya District (Kanazawa)
Kanazawa Castle (Kanazawa)
Kenrokuen (Kanazawa)
Seisonkaku Villa (Kanazawa)
Honmaru Goten (Kawagoe)
Warehouse District (Kawagoe)
Kawasaki Daishi (Kawasaki)
Nihon Minkaen (Kawasaki)
Town Center (Kinosaki)
Kokura Castle (Kitakyushu)
Yawata Steel Works (Kitakyushu)
Kochi Downtown (Kochi)
Kanamaruza Theater (Kotohira)
Kongobuji Temple (Koyasan)
Tokugawa Mausoleum (Koyasan)
Hayatama Taisha (Kumano)
Prefectural Museum (Kunisaki Peninsula)
Ohashi House (Kurashiki)
Chionin Temple (Kyoto)
Daitokuji Temple (Kyoto)
Fushimi Inari Shrine (Kyoto)
Ginkakuji (Kyoto)
Heian Shrine (Kyoto)
Honganji Temples (Kyoto)
Kiyomizudera (Kyoto)
Kyoto Station (Kyoto)
Maruyama Park (Kyoto)
Nishiki Market (Kyoto)
Philosopher's Path (Kyoto)
Shorenin Temple (Kyoto)
Toji Temple (Kyoto)
Yasaka Shrine (Kyoto)
Marugame Castle (Marugame)
Adachi Museum of Art (Matsue)
Hearn Residence (Matsue)
Samurai District (Matsue)
Fukuura Island (Matsushima)
Godaido (Matsushima)
Matsushima Bay (Matsushima)
Zuiganji Temple (Matsushima)
Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama)
Senjokaku (Miyajima)
Miyazaki Shrine (Miyazaki)
Olympic Facilities (Nagano)
Chinatown (Nagasaki)
Confucian Shrine (Nagasaki)
Dutch Slope (Nagasaki)
Kofukuji Temple (Nagasaki)
Meganebashi Bridge (Nagasaki)
Nagoya Castle (Nagoya)
Ando Museum (Naoshima)
Chichu Museum (Naoshima)
I Love Yu (Naoshima)
Lee Ufan Museum (Naoshima)
Heijo Palace (Nara)
Kofukuji Temple (Nara)
Nara Park (Nara)
Yakushiji Temple (Nara)
Aeon Narita (Narita)
Naritasan Temple (Narita)
Otsuka Museum of Art (Naruto)
Ryozenji Temple (Naruto)
Botanical Garden (Nikko)
Futarasan Shrine (Nikko)
Irohazaka (Nikko)
Kegon Waterfall (Nikko)
Rinnoji Temple (Nikko)
Tamozawa Villa (Nikko)
Yumoto Onsen (Nikko)
Okunoto Coast (Noto Peninsula)
Sojiji Temple (Noto Peninsula)
Tokikuni Residences (Noto Peninsula)
Wajima City (Noto Peninsula)
Wakura Onsen (Noto Peninsula)
Hokusai Museum (Obuse)
Canal Area (Otaru)
City Museum (Otaru)
Herring Mansion (Otaru)
Nikka Whisky Distillery (Otaru)
Sakaimachi Street (Otaru)
Old Town (Ozu)
Ozu Castle (Ozu)
Historic Village (Sapporo)
Mount Moiwa (Sapporo)
Odori Park (Sapporo)
Osaki Hachimangu (Sendai)
Takachiho Shrine (Takachiho)
Takahashi Old Town (Takahashi)
Sunport Takamatsu (Takamatsu)
Yashima (Takamatsu)
Morning Markets (Takayama)
Kurobe Dam (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route)
Murodo (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route)
Akihabara (Tokyo)
Ginza (Tokyo)
Harajuku (Tokyo)
Institute for Nature (Tokyo)
Meiji Shrine (Tokyo)
Shibuya (Tokyo)
Shinjuku (Tokyo)
Tokyo Tower (Tokyo)
Ueno Park (Tokyo)
Yasukuni Shrine (Tokyo)
Yoyogi Park (Tokyo)
Zojoji Temple (Tokyo)
Kannonin Temple (Tottori)
Sand Dunes (Tottori)
Tottori Castle Ruins (Tottori)
Showa Shinzan (Toyako)
Toyako Onsen (Toyako)
Usuzan Ropeway (Toyako)
Usuzan West Craters (Toyako)
Kamihaga Residence (Uchiko)
Koshoji Temple (Uji)
Uji River (Uji)
Ujigami Shrine (Uji)
Taga Shrine (Uwajima)
Uwajima Castle (Uwajima)
Rurikoji Temple (Yamaguchi)
Yamaguchi Daijingu (Yamaguchi)
Chinatown (Yokohama)
Cup Noodles Museum (Yokohama)
Minato Mirai (Yokohama)
Osanbashi Pier (Yokohama)
Yamashita Park (Yokohama)
Yamate and Motomachi (Yokohama)
Chikurin-in Temple (Yoshino)
Kinpusenji Temple (Yoshino)
Nyoirinji Temple (Yoshino)
Yoshimizu Shrine (Yoshino)
Iimoriyama (Aizu)
Government Ruins (Dazaifu)
Samurai District (Hirosaki)
Atami Castle (Izu Peninsula)
Great Buddha (Kamakura)
Ryoanji Temple (Kyoto)
Oura Church (Nagasaki)
German House (Naruto)
Aoba Castle (Sendai)

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living duration
1-5 years