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Cherry Blossom Report 2012
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2012/03/15 - Tokyo Report
by schauwecker

An early flowering cherry tree at Shinjuku Gyoen

Tokyo's cherry blossoms are not expected to start opening for another two weeks, however, a small number of early blooming cherry tree varieties have begun to provide some scattered colors.

Shinjuku Gyoen
March 15, 2012 - still closed

The vast majority of cherry trees in Shinjuku Gyoen were still closed, and the trees' buds looked like they needed at least two more weeks of mild temperatures in order to start opening. Only a small number of trees of the Kanzakura variety have already started opening and provided nice sights here and there across the spacious park.

Additional early flowering cherry tree varieties should join the Kanzakura over the coming two weeks and provide some cherry blossoms to tourists who are visiting Tokyo a few days ahead of the main season.

Most cherry trees buds looked like they need at least two more weeks to open
A Kanzakura cherry tree has started to open
Kanzakura cherry blossoms opening
The few blooming cherry trees attracted lots of attention
Kanzakura cherry blossoms

Ueno Park
March 15, 2012 - still closed

The situation in Ueno Park was similar. Just a small number of Kanzakura cherry trees were already in bloom. At the park's south entrance, two Okanzakura trees have, furthermore, just started to open their first blossoms, and they should be joined in a little over a week by the weeping cherry tree that stands in the center of the park entrance.

The most numerous Somei Yoshino cherry trees are forecast to start opening in the last days of March and reach full bloom about a week later.

Most of Ueno Park's cherry trees were still barren
The Somei Yoshino buds were still at an early stage
A single blooming Kanzakura cherry tree among its barren Somei Yoshino cousins
An Okanzakura tree at the park's south entrance has just started to open its first blossoms
The nearby weeping cherry tree should follow suit in about a week
The numerous Somei Yoshino trees around Shinobazu Pond won't open for another two weeks
A few early flowering Kanhizakura trees next to the Bentendo Hall are about to open

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