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2015/04/02 - Tokyo Report
by scott

Except for a few outliers, the cherry blossoms are now blooming in almost every part of the country save the northernmost Hokkaido and Tohoku regions. In addition, we have been experiencing mostly warm weather over the last week, which if anything has only helped the blossoms along as they have now reached full bloom almost all across Japan.

Today I headed back down to Tokyo to check out a few more spots at their peak, and once again the weather was absolutely beautiful, with warm temperatures and sunny blue skies. However, it may not last much longer though as wind and rain are forecast on the horizon.

Asukayama Park
April 2, 2015 - full bloom

My first stop today was to Asukayama Park, a nice city park in the Kita District of Tokyo located on a hill above Oji Station. There are about 650 cherry trees planted throughout the hilly grounds of the park with plenty of space for cherry blossom viewing (hanami) parties.

Today's timing couldn't have been better as the cherry trees around the park looked great with virtually all of their flowers full and open. I would put it towards the tail end of the peak, as petals were starting to fall here and there but not quite enough to create cherry blossom storms (hanafubuki). However, the weather over the next few days concerns me as the winds are expected to pick up a little and it may rain. Otherwise, it should remain prime viewing around the park for at least a few more days.

Ueno Park
April 2, 2015 - petals starting to fall

Ueno Park was once again packed as usual, with thousands of mostly foreign visitors enjoying the blossoms in the park. The trees in Ueno Park tend to be slightly ahead of city average and were already starting to lose petals to strong gusts of wind. It should still be worth a visit for the next few days, but stronger weather over the weekend has the potential to bring an premature end to the season around the park.

Sumida Park
April 2, 2015 - full bloom

Sumida Park runs alongside the Sumida River in the popular Asakusa district of Tokyo. A few hundred trees line the riverbank, especially around the Tokyo Water Bus pier, where there is space for cherry blossom viewing parties under the trees. The park is also a good place to see cherry blossoms with the Tokyo Skytree in the distance across the river.

On average, the trees along the river seemed to be a day or two earlier than those around Ueno Park or Asukayama Park and will definitely be worth a visit especially for those who visit the popular Sensoji Temple nearby. In addition, parts of the park will be illuminated in the evenings until 22:00.

Meguro River (Megurogawa)
April 2, 2015 - full bloom

My last stop today was to the Meguro River (Megurogawa) in southwestern Tokyo, which is another of the city's popular riverside cherry blossom spots. About 800 hundred trees line the concrete walls of the canal-like river from the narrow, more trendy area around Nakameguro Station with its small shops and bistro-like restaurants, to down beyond Meguro Station where the river opens up and is flanked taller and taller buildings. Visitors can stroll along the high riverside under tunnels of cherry blossoms that overhang the water. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of area for picnicking as the trees directly line the streets and walkways.

The cherry blossoms were also still at their peak along the Meguro River and should last at least a few more days baring any strong weather. In addition, the trees along the river around Naka Meguro Station will be lit up evenings from dusk to 21:00 until April 4, 2015.

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