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Fukuoka: Blossoms Opening

Weeping cherry tree at the Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Today I find myself in Fukuoka in Kyushu Prefecture. It has been ten days since the cherry blossom season was declared open on March 19 in the city, but development from opening to full bloom is progressing slowly in the city, and the cherry trees I saw today were still a few more days from reaching their peak. The weather for the next few days is forecast to be warm and that should encourage the flowers to bloom. I expect the cherry blossoms to reach their peak by the end of this week, and the coming weekend to be the best time to view them. Other cities that started their cherry blossom season today includes Oita and Shimonoseki cities, rounding up all the major cities in Kyushu.

Fukuoka Castle Ruins (Maizuru Park)

Blossoms Opening

I started my day at Fukuoka Castle Ruins (Maizuru Park) with warm weather and blue skies. There are about a thousand cherry trees planted on the grounds of the castle grounds and many of the flowers on the trees were taking their time to open fully. Nonetheless, it was still pleasant to stroll around the grounds, enjoy the weather and the more advanced cherry trees that had blossomed faster. The main castle keep will be illuminated from 18:00 to 22:00 until April 3, and note that there is a charge of 300 yen after 18:00 (but free to enter before that).

Open blossoms against the blue sky
Festival stalls in Ohori Park
Photo-taking in session
Bird's eye view from the top of
Cherry trees in the garden
State of the blossoms
Tunnel of sakura
Visitors admiring the cherry trees in the Tamon-yagura Turret
The cherry blossoms at the Tamon Yagura also illuminated from 18:00 to 22:00 (300 yen for admission)
River along the castle grounds

Uminonakamichi Park

Blossoms Opening

My next stop was Uminonakamichi, a large park in Fukuoka. I took the train there from Hakata Station and the tracks run along the beach for part of the way. The family oriented park is relatively huge with lots of different activities for everyone, including a water park, a zoo, numerous playgrounds, a putter golf area, and of course, lots of flowers and greenery. Rental bicycles can be found near the different entrances to the park, but I was a little unfortunate as there were none left at any when I was there (I'm pretty sure the good weather had something to do with it!) The cherry trees were still mostly in buds, but there were lots of other seasonal flowers in bloom to see. As I walked through the park, I saw lots of families enjoying the good weather and many of them were picnicking near flower fields and under pockets of slightly bare cherry trees.

One of the numerous pockets of cherry trees
Part of the cycling road lined with cherry trees
One section of the playground
Picnicking near a cluster of cherry trees towards the back of the park
There was enough wind to fly kites too
Early flowering cherry trees
A nanohana (rape blossoms) field that smelled amazingly sweet
Tulips and other flowers near a pond
Suisen flowers (daffodils)
Moving towards full bloom slowly but surely
This tunnel will be all white and fluffy when the flowers are all in bloom