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Mount Fuji: Full Bloom

Sakura Fuji

The main cherry blossom season is winding down in major cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. However, the season has just begun in the lower regions of the Tohoku Region, and it won't be long before the cherry blossoms start to open further north. For those who have missed the main sakura season, your best bet this week are the places that feature late flowering cherry tree varieties and places at higher elevation.

I visited some cherry blossom spots in the Fuji Five Lakes region. The Fujigoko area is about 1000 meters above sea level, and today, I found the cherry blossoms here to be at full bloom. Sunny days are forecast for the rest of the week and I expect the best viewing in the Fuji Five Lakes region to continue through to this weekend. Charles was in Kyoto today and reported that the main season is over there. However, there are a number of spots that have late-flowering cherry tree varieties, and they may be worth a visit for those who want to see some sakura in bloom.

Chureito Pagoda

Full Bloom

My first stop was the ever popular Chureito Pagoda where I found the cherry blossoms around the pagoda to be at full bloom. Sunny weather is forecast for the rest of the week, and I expect the best viewing to continue through to this weekend and possibly into next week. There is a sakura festival, which has been extended until April 19, with some food stalls at Arakurayama Sengen Park at the base of the mountain.

Start of the many steps up to the pagoda
View from about halfway up
Full bloomz
State of the blossoms
That iconic view of Mount Fuji, Chureito Pagoda and cherry blossoms (with a lot of people taking the same shot)
This report will be heavy on the Mount Fuji and sakura pictures
No better seat
Cherry trees planted along the slopes of the mountain
Heading back down the stairs

Northern Shores of Kawaguchiko

Full Bloom

The northern shores of Kawaguchiko is lined with many cherry trees and today, I found them to be at full bloom. Sunny weather is forecast for the rest of the week, and I expect the best viewing to continue through to this weekend and possibly into next week. The Fuji-Kawaguchiko Sakura Festival has been extended to April 21, and during that time, visitors can look forward to the cherry trees being illuminated in the evenings from sunset to 21:00, as well as festival stalls and a craft market.

Lake Kawaguchiko, Kawaguchi Ohashi bridge and Mount Fuji
Looking up to a sakura sky
Wish I had a dog to take pictures together with sakura and Mount Fuji
State of the bloomz
The sun was el scorchio today
Did someone say they're not tired of seeing Mount Fuji and sakura?
Seats with views along the northern shores
Sakura tunnel
I expect the best viewing to continue through this coming weekend

Oshino Hakkai

Just Opened

Oshino Hakkai is a tourist attraction most well known for its clear spring water ponds. There are also many cherry trees in the area and today, I found that the sakura season is still in its early days at Oshino Hakkai as the cherry blossoms were still mostly in buds. I expect the flowers to make more progress through this week and for the best viewing to start by around the end of this week.

Stream that runs through Oshino Hakkai
State of the bloomz
Cherry trees line stream
Not yet best viewing
The sakura view at Oshino Hakkai
There are a number of cherry tree varieties here