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Fukushima: Full Bloom

Flowers at full bloom all around Fukushima City's Hanamiyama Park

The cherry blossoms are now hitting full bloom this week in Japan's northerly Tohoku Region and high elevation areas like Mt. Yoshino and the Mt. Fuji area, while the season in western and southern Japan is just finishing up.

While most places south of Tohoku are rapidly reaching the end of their season now, late-blooming sakura varieties are still going strong for the next few days in places like Kyoto and Tokyo for those hoping to catch some last-minute blossoms in those areas.

Following the "main" cherry blossom front, today I headed to Tohoku's southernmost prefecture of Fukushima, where I found one of the region's most impressive cherry blossom spots in full bloom.

Hanamiyama Park

Full Bloom

My destination for the day was Hanamiyama Park located in central Fukushima City. Literally meaning "flower view mountain", Hanamiyama is a park sprawled over a few small mountain slopes which in mid–late April is covered in a stunning array of flowering cherry blossoms and other flowering plants.

Today, almost every variety of flower in the park was at full bloom, including plenty of iconic Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms. Walking up to the park's highest point, the flowers and views out to Fukushima City and the snowy Azuma Mountains were breathtaking.

The park is easily accessible via a frequent shuttle bus from Fukushima Station (250 one way, 500 round trip, running from April 1–22). Alternatively, a taxi ride costs a fixed fare of 1550 yen one way (until May 6) from the east exit of the station.

The end of the rainbow: Hanamiyama at full bloom
The Somei Yoshino cherry trees were at full peak here
An incredible array of flowers in bloom
A field of nanohana (rapeseed) surrounded by sakura
Gold and pink
Climbing to the top of Hanamiyama
A hearty helping of flowers to go around
Full bloom in every color
Almost every variety of sakura you can imagine on display: and at full bloom!
Hidden gem
The snow-capped Azuma mountains in the distance
They say you can see a rabbit in the snow on the side of the Mt. Azuma-Kofuji volcano: can you see it?
Amethyst gems shining for you
Even more colorful flowers back down the mountain in the surrounding fields
House of flowers
You can never have too much tanuki
I'd be okay with this commute