Fresh from the previous day's report in Osaka, today I was back in Tokyo to once again check on the progress of the blossoms at three of its best known hanami spots.

Elsewhere in the country, the season continues apace with Takayama and the Fuji Five Lakes the only two sites on our list outside of Hokkaido and Tohoku yet to enter the flowering stage.

Following a rainy few days in the Kanto Region and just a short while left until our predicted end to the period of best viewing, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I needn't have worried however, as I found plenty of full blossoms to enjoy at all three sites. With no more rain or strong winds forecast for the remainder of the week, I expect that the best viewing period in Tokyo will continue for several more days, and that there may even be some petals left for hanami activities during the coming weekend.

Ueno Park

Full Bloom

My first visit today was at this spacious public park, located directly across from Ueno Station.

Working my way through the crowds, I found the trees along the main avenue and around the Shinobazu Pond to be a little past their best, but still covered with attractive blossoms. So far, only a few petals could be seen on the ground so I would expect the park to still be enjoyable for several more days.


Full Bloom

From Ueno I continued on to another of the city's most spectacular spots - the cherry tree lined pathways by the moats of what was once Edo Castle.

With the best viewpoints all crammed into the length of a few pathways, this was by far the most crowded of the three spots, but it was worth the effort to see the neat rows of trees still with plenty of blossom. Despite thinning noticeably in places, the blossom here can be expected to continue for a few more days.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Full Bloom

I ended my day with a final stop at Shinjuku Gyoen, a large park close to Tokyo's busiest transport hub.

This was an especially satisfying visit due to the park regaining that classic hanami atmosphere that I had not quite found anywhere else in this year's reporting so far - once again throngs of visitors could be seen on tarps and camping chairs just like in previous years.

Just like at today's two other sites, the blossom here looked delicate but still quite beautiful, with thick, vibrant displays to be found throughout the park's expansive lawns, woods and landscape gardens. A perfect note to finish on.

Thanks to Shinjuku Gyoen's large number of later blooming cherry tree varieties, it will remain possible to enjoy hanami here for two to three more weeks to come, although I do not expect the predominant Somei Yoshino trees to remain in full bloom until the end of this week.