The 2018 cherry blossom season is now in places in higher elevations and moving northwards slowly. I returned to the Fuji Five Lakes area today, almost a week after my last trip to check on the progress of the blossoms.

The range in elevation means that visitors can expect the blossoms to be at different stages of opening in the Fujigoko area. I found most of the cherry blossoms around Lake Kawaguchiko to be at full bloom and expect the best viewing period to continue for the next few days and into next week. Rain is forecast for the coming weekend and next week, and that will likely shorten the best viewing period by a few days.

Chureito Pagoda

Past Peak

Six days ago, the blossoms at Chureito Pagoda were at their best. Today, I found the petals to be falling off in the slightest of winds and the cherry blossoms to be past their best. While the trees are still somewhat attractive, I do not expect the good looks to last beyond the coming weekend. Until April 22, there is a sakura festival at the Arakura Sengen Park where the pagoda is located.

Northern Shores of Kawaguchiko

Full Bloom

The northern shores of Lake Kawaguchiko near the Kawaguchiko Music Forest are lined with many cherry trees. Today, I found the cherry blossoms to be at full bloom with some petals starting to fall. I expect the best viewing period to continue through the weekend and into next week, though the forecast rain will likely shorten the longevity of the viewing period. Until April 22, there is a cherry blossom festival along the main road near the northern shores. Visitors can look forward to evening illuminations from sunset to 21:00, festival food stalls and a craft market during the festival.

Oshino Hakkai

Full Bloom

The cherry trees in Oshino Hakkai tend to bloom a little later compared to the trees along Lake Kawaguchiko. Today, I found the cherry trees to be at full bloom. I expect the sakura blossoms to remain at their best through the weekend and the best viewing period to continue through to next week. However, note that the forecast rain for the coming weekend may affect the longevity of the blossoms.

Iyashi no Sato

Just Opened

Iyashi no Sato is a former farming village on the western shores of Lake Saiko. The site is lined with weeping cherry trees that blossom later compared than the mainstream Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms. The weeping cherry blossoms were just starting to open when I visited today and I expect the flowers to reach their best next week.