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2014/04/23 - Mt. Fuji Report
by sean

Rain claims casualties around Mount Fuji

Eight days after my last visit, I traveled to the Fuji Five Lakes area again to check out the situation of the cherry blossoms there. Along the way, I was guessing how the cherry trees would fare after a couple of wet days; I was pleased to find out that some of the popular spots still had great cherry blossom views.

The cherry blossom season has been progressing steadily northwards, and several cherry blossom destinations in the Tohoku Region are currently at their best. Raina is currently in the area to write about the situation there, so be sure to check out her reports on this page. If you are around the Kanto or Chubu Region and cannot afford the time to travel north, the Fuji Five Lakes area is one of the last locations where you can still enjoy the sakura.

Chureito Pagoda
April 23, 2014 - beyond peak

When I was here just slightly more than a week ago, the cherry blossoms were fresh and young, all ready to mature into their full glory. Well, time spares no blossom, and rain does no favors to their longevity either. Today's visit was a stark reminder of the evanescence of the sakura. In a day or two there will be more leaves than flowers on the branches, but still, come for nice views of Mount Fuji and the Chureito Pagoda.

Mount Fuji in the morning

Mount Fuji and Chureito Pagoda

Mount Fuji and Chureito Pagoda 2

Eastern Shore of Lake Kawaguchiko
April 23, 2014 - approaching full bloom (50-80%) (Yaebeni weeping cherry trees)
April 23, 2014 - petals starting to fall (Somei Yoshino)

For the Yaebeni weeping cherry trees at the eastern shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, their blossoms were nearing the full bloom stage in their circles of life. Many of the blossoms adorably "opened halfway", seemingly wanting to shine but at the same time feeling unsure due to last evening's rain. There were also a few Somei Yoshino trees standing here and there looking still pretty full with flowers - they seemed to have weathered the "storm". For up to a week, good views of cherry blossoms should remain here.

Soon to be in full bloom Yaebeni weeping cherry trees

Yaebeni weeping cherries

Somei Yoshino

The Angler

Ubuyagasaki Peninsula
April 23, 2014 - beyond peak

The recent showers also seemed to have taken its toll on the cherry trees around the Ubuyagasaki Peninsula, as the ground was plastered with fallen petals still moist with rain. A few trees at the neck of the peninsula still provided some pleasant sakura views; otherwise you'd just have to make do with the all-season beauty of the lake with Mount Fuji - on clear days - in the background.

One of the better trees

Blossoms on one of the better trees

Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji covered in clouds

Northern Shore of Lake Kawaguchiko
April 23, 2014 - full bloom

The lesson to take away is that if the cherry blossoms are in their absolute prime with sturdy petals attached when rain falls, they are less likely to face a premature end to their season. I think this was the case at the Northern Shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, where the cherry trees were still in good shape. Many visitors arrived this morning to enjoy the cherry blossoms and phlox moss in bloom. Great views can be expected here over the next three days or four days.

Cute clouds

Fellow visitor

Phlox moss about 50% in bloom

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