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Kyoto: Petals Starting To Fall

Cherry blossoms along the Keage Incline

We are now in the second week of April, and the cherry blossom frontline has reached the Tohoku Region where Fukushima and Sendai reported the opening of their first blossoms on April 5, 2019. Majority of the cities in Japan up to the Kanto Region reached full bloom last week, and the number of best viewing days remaining are slowly dwindling.

I went to Kyoto today to see how the cherry blossoms had progressed since the last time Andrew was there on Friday. Full bloom was officially reported in the city on April 6, 2019, and today, just a short two days after, I found that the petals had started to fall. Last night's rain very likely had an influence on the longevity of the blossoms. There were still lots of flowers to see when I was there, and it felt like the best of both full bloom and petals falling. Rain is forecast on Wednesday, and I expect that to take more petals down and bring on the beginning of the end of the best viewing period.

Kiyomizudera Temple

Petals Starting To Fall

I started my day at the ever popular Kiyomizudera Temple where I found the petals to have started falling. There were still lots of blossoms in the trees and I expect the best viewing to continue for another day or two. Rain is forecast on Wednesday, and I expect that to affect the longevity of the blossoms and the best viewing period to not last beyond the coming weekend.

Looking across the valley at Kiyomizudera
You can see Kyoto Tower from here
Evidence of last night's rain
Kiyomizudera Temple
Casualties of rain
State of the blossoms
It's still best viewing here despite some petals falling
Pagoda and cherry blossoms from Chawanzaka

Maruyama Park

Petals Starting To Fall

Moving on to the nearby Maruyama Park, I found many of the mainstream Somei Yoshino blossoms to have just started dropping some of their petals. However, there were still lots of blossoms for an enjoyable hanami party. Rain is forecast on Wednesday, and I expect that to take more petals down and bring on the end of the best viewing period.

Lots of petals on the ground
State of the blossoms
Sakura picnic mat
Hanami season still going strong
It's funny how that monument has two separate shadows

Heian Shrine

Full Bloom

Heian Shrine was one of the best places to see cherry blossoms. The weeping cherry trees in the paid garden behind the main buildings were at full bloom and I expect them to remain good to see through the coming weekend.

Giant torii to Heian Shrine and cherry blossoms
Full bloomz
Garden views
Lots of cherry trees here
Weeping sakura wonderland
Some of the trees were massive
Some people prefer these sakura while others prefer the mainstream Somei Yoshino ones
View of the pond near the exit of the garden

Keage Incline

Petals Starting To Fall

I walked along the Okazaki Canal to my final spot for the day, the Keage Incline. The cherry trees that line the slope had started to shed some petals, but there were still lots of blossoms to delight visitors. Rain is forecast on Wednesday, and I expect that to take more petals down and bring on the end of the best viewing period.

Boat rides available along the canal until April 12 from 9:30 to 16:30
Boat ride boarding point
Could this be a statue of the Japanese Sisyphus?
State of the blossoms
Looking down the slope
Perfect weather for sakura
Blossoms still looking nice despite losing some petals
Raise your hand if you <3 sakura too
Kimono-clad man with a modern camera